At Gestycons, we offer advisory services covering fiscal, tax, accounting and auditing areas, among other services.

Fiscal and tax
Fiscal planning and advice for business and professional activities developed by both individuals and companies, covering:
  • Preparation and/or review of corporate tax returns, personal income tax and IGIC (General Indirect Canary Islands Tax). Compliance with formal tax obligations (quarterly returns, annual tax settlement disclosure statements, payments on account, etc.).
  • Advice prior to any important company operation.
    • Fiscal planning of family inheritance (personal income tax, corporate tax, indirect taxation)
    • Fiscal advice and planning for non-profit organisations.
    • Assessment of tax contingencies.
  • Assistance and defence of taxpayers during inspection actions and management bodies of various tax administrations (state, regional and local).
  • Resources and, where appropriate, economic and administrative claims deriving from any inspection, management or tax collection procedure.
  • Specialists in Property Taxation and Urban Planning, advice that covers the following matters:
    • Taxation of property developments.
    • Taxation of construction activities.
    • Taxation of urban planning management. Analysis of the taxes from Compensation Boards, Urbanisation and the subsequent delivery of land or plots.
  • Advice on all matters relating to the Property Transfer and Certified Legal Documents Tax. Mainly in the cases of administrative checks on the transfer value.
  • Advice on all local taxes relating to properties and the activities related thereto (ICIO (Buildings, Installation and Works Tax), Increase in the Value of Urban Land, etc.).
  • Taxation of non-residents.
  • Settlement of inheritance (Inheritance and Donations Tax, value checks, future inheritance planning, etc.).
  • Fiscal planning in business acquisitions.
  • Fiscal advice in the constitution, merger, demerger and transformation of companies.
  • Specific advice on the fiscal aspects of the Economic and Fiscal Regime of the Canary Islands (RIC (Reserve for Investments in the Canary Islands), ITPAJD Exemption (Property Transfer and Certified Legal Documents Tax), IGIC, etc.), and of the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC).
  • Reports on the fiscal aspects of certain studies or analyses. (E.g. fiscal returns in the feasibility study of the public works concession contract, art. 227, Law 13/2003, of 23 May).
  • Written and/or verbal information on any fiscal matter.
Accounting and Audits
  • Advice, preparation, implementation, review and monitoring of financial accounts, companies and analytics.
  • Implementation of administrative and accounting systems: purchase circuits, storage, etc.
  • Budgetary processes: Advice, implementation of budgets, monitoring and control
  • Treasury management: cash flow charts, payments, collections, confirming, comparative credit/loan policies.
  • Accounting reports: analysis of balance sheets, income statements, financing tables, balance scorecards, etc.
  • Financial/economic analysis, business diagnostics, internal cost ratios
  • Advice regarding IAS (International Accounting Standards) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).
  • Financial audits (complete or limited review)
  • Operational and business management audits (processes, services to analyse the purchasing/sale circuit, consolidation of accounts)
  • Auditor's report attached to the supporting account of subsidies received. (Justification of subsidies, art. 74, RD 887/2006, of 21 July).
Other services
  • Assessment of companies or businesses (book value, substantial value, liquidation value, yield value).
  • Analysis of investments and/or business plans (business simulators).
  • Expert reports.
  • Analysis and advice on business computer programs, especially in hotel management (reservations, front office, back office, document management, etc.).
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